Some of these images were previously published at the American Thinker and may have been revised. They include Parody of Obamacare ad, Spygate,  Fauci-Hahn StrategyWoke DemonMatthew 18:16Isaiah 5:20, and Coexist.

Iatrocide Lawn Sign
Poster presented at the NABT conference in November 2023
Batman & Robin
Dr. Evil
Gaslighting for Dummies
Vaccinating Children
Vaccine Passport vs. Bill of Rights
Parody of woke lawn sign
Revision of  Francisco de Goya's "Witches' Sabbath" 
Vaccine Passport
Green Jobs
Flat Stanley at the Border Wall
Disposition Matrix for Federal Judges
Dominion vs. Bill of Rights
American Symbiosis
The Great Reset (with credit to Pink Floyd for the background borrowed from The Wall)
Parody of Great Reset Poster
Parody of Obamacare Ad
Building Back Better
The Railroading of Mike Flynn

                         A New World Order (with credit to Ilya Repin for his Boat Haulers on the Volga)   

                                                    The Fauci-Hahn Strategy

Revision of Francisco de Goya's "Colossus"

The Woke Demon

Isaiah 5:20

Co-Exist Revised

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